Why your customers deserve the best call center experience

Customer Experience im Call Center

Thanks to numerous technological innovations, customers today can choose the best possible buying experience when shopping for their favorite brands. Digital change, reach of social media, digital review options and other possibilities continuously expand these options. The fact that your customers or users are quickly exposed to the competition and, therefore, their promises of better prices, more fascinating products or even far better services, is clear.

The direct result is that customers today expect much more from their brands. It is more difficult than ever to persuade customers to buy — unless services and products are supported by a customer experience strategy. At the heart of any customer experience is the call center. This is where initial opportunities are offered to companies like yours to establish long-term customer relations.

Why all companies today need to adopt a customer-focused approach

The times when companies found themselves in competition with rivals over prices and product features to win customers are a thing of the past. Countless studies show: The only decisive factor is the customer experience and, it is often the call center experience that tips the scales. Whether companies need to constantly approach new customers or successfully establish good relations with their regular customers depends on the right call center strategy.

Retaining regular customers is the better solution — and the more favorable

Studies show: Retaining regular customers is more worthwhile than investing large sums of money and time to win new customers, like many companies still do. To be exact: The cost of winning new customers is notably higher compared to retaining regular customers — in fact, five times higher.

It is also a widely held view that customers remain loyal if their concerns are dealt with as quickly as possible — each time they contact your call center, without exception — even if other companies offer better prices for one and the same product.

The decisive question therefore is: How can you improve the call center experience for your customers?

Close gaps in the customer journey — with the Unified Communications strategy

The most important catchword here is: Streamlining for your customer journey, i.e., aligning all processes in an optimal manner, because under no circumstances do customers want to repeat their concerns to several call center agents. In this respect, the increasingly complex communication options designed to make contact for customers as simple as possible pose a challenge, e.g., also via channels such as instant messaging or SMS.

It is said that 89% of customers who have to repeat their concerns are frustrated. Companies that want to avoid this frustration need an appropriate Unified Communications strategy.

The purpose of this Unified Communications strategy is to make contact via the numerous touchpoints used by customers to interact with your company a consistent experience — namely via all channels, from email, telephone to all other available options. It is also important to ensure that the customer journey is without gaps and bottlenecks.

What really counts: Do you understand your sales funnel?

With the development of new communication technologies, companies are beginning to understand the advantages of call analytics software. Two important things can be ascertained with this software, pursuing the right strategy: Firstly, what moments in the customer journey really make your customers unhappy or dissatisfied and, secondly, what you can do about it. The more you know about your funnel, the journey from the initial customer contact to the purchase, the easier it is to optimize. However, the most important aspect in the omni-channel world is that not the individual customer touchpoints alone are important, but also the overall customer experience. Companies need to know how the funnel functions as a whole and how all parts fit together for the customer — as an experience and customer journey.

Only with an overall positive customer experience can you improve your opportunities for greater loyalty to your brand and long-term customer relations.

The right tools: Advantage through UCC solutions

The bottom line is that in the past, competitive products with the best features and the best price had the edge in the battle for each and every customer. In our digitally connected world, this is no longer the case. Now, companies have to focus on providing the best customer experience, i.e., at every point of the customer journey.

The good news is that there are many excellent tools that make the work of your agents in the call center much easier and optimize customer experiences, e.g., chatbots, which simply respond to enquiries on your website. But also UCC solutions like talkbase designed to enable communication within a team and callers to be transferred to operators with the necessary knowledge to deal with certain enquiries, improve work procedures considerably.

The key to success lies in the customer experience. All companies that strive for sustainability and long-term profit should be interested in providing a positive customer experience, since not having a solid customer experience strategy gives competitors a constant competitive advantage, because customers go to competitors that offer them a better experience.

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