The lean call center solution for innovaphone

Die schlanke Call-Center-Lösung für innovaphone

Intuitive web-based call center solution talkbase, as well as powerful VoIP UC telephone system innovaphone, are both reliable, state-of-the-art products that offer companies the opportunity to manage their calls. Individually, each solution offers their users a great tool to efficiently and conveniently handle internal and external communication. But what happens in case you need to handle more than one line and multiple main numbers?

This is why talkbase and innovaphone are such a good fit

UC solutions such as talkbase and innovaphone enable users to gain access to relevant information in real-time in the form of status messages and availability indicators and using intelligent functions.


Main benefits of innovaphone PBX and talkbase

Talkbase and innovaphone are fully compatible with each other and provide a stable and secure communication tool for companies to manage their main numbers and allow operators to transfer calls in an efficient and highly convenient manner using talkbase’s unique and easy to use web interface.

Since the architecture of both tools allows for a seamless integration, there will not be many changes for the user. The operator simply logs into the talkbase interface via a web browser. Although it encompasses a variety of features, the UI is simple and really intuitive leading to a great user experience. Additionally, as it is so easy to use and understand, training of the staff is not really necessary.

In terms of security, both solutions have been designed from the ground up to be secure and reliable. Information security principles such as confidentiality, integrity, and availability have been addressed when developing the tools, thus producing a robust security control.

We have dedicated an entire eBook to highlight and explain the core benefits of integrating talkbase into innovaphone’s existing model and how can this be used to manage and significantly improve phone calls. Why are they such a good fit? Learn more about using the talkbase tool on top of the VoIP UC telephone system to revolutionize the way you handle calls.

What will you read about

  • Overview of innovaphone PBX and talkbase
  • Main benefits of innovaphone PBX and the lean call center solution of talkbase
  • Installation checklist


Communication is developing at a faster pace and so is technology. Nowadays, people and companies expect to be able to reach one another from everywhere in the world with little to no hassle at all. When it comes to telephony and digital communication, the industry expects fast, flexible, complex yet easy to use systems that can be seamlessly integrated and used at work, at home and on the go.

With talkbase supporting innovaphone PBX, companies can completely optimize their communication infrastructure and offer a solution that makes everything simpler and easier for their employees and customers.

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