The 5 top challenges for companies resolved through UCC


Unified Communications and Collaboration brings internal and external communication within a company together. It improves efficiency and productivity and ensures through more effective communication better dialog experiences with customers. UCC supports companies in unifying diverse strategies — and this, in an integrated, easy to manage solution. Read in this blog article which challenges UCC can resolve for your company when it comes to being one step ahead through better customer experiences and an optimal customer journey.

More efficiency and optimal productivity are good reasons why UCC is simply more than just one hot communication topic among many. And, in terms of the customer journey, there is more. The time has now come for all companies to be one step ahead of the competition in times of turbulent markets.

Today, customer experiences develop as the ultimate differentiator in modern business. And, agents find it difficult to keep track when customers attempt to establish via numerous channels contact to entrepreneurial brands. Let us therefore take a closer look at the top challenges UCC can resolve for companies in a competitive market today.

Challenge #1: Problems with productivity

If your employees are unable to communicate efficiently with each other, how can they make innovative suggestions or resolve complex problems for your customers? For every successful business, communication has always been a critical component. UCC supports collaboration among your employees by combining conventional telephony, direct messages and customer information as well as collaboration tools.

UCC can also provide your employees and agents with better access to many more forms of communication such as instant messaging or video telephony. For a fast-moving company, this can be far more efficient than having to wait for an e-mail or fax response. With UCC, employees can switch seamlessly between video calls, telephone calls and instant messaging, make faster decisions and ensure that every employee is offered the support they need — precisely when it matters.

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Challenge #2: Restricted flexibility

For modern companies, flexibility is a critical factor, too. Working at different locations is on the rise and the most experienced employees in customer service and support ask for more versatility from their employers. UCC solutions in particular, which are offered via web-based platforms, offer the requested flexibility at work. If everyone has access to the necessary communication tools irrespective of where they work or the terminal devices used, companies no longer have to restrict themselves to recruiting personnel where they are geographically located.

As your company grows, you can also simultaneously integrate freelancers and other employees throughout the world into your network. In the area of human resources, notable cost savings can also be made through lower ancillary and operating costs as well as expenses for premises for traditional offices. In addition, this means that you could easily offer your customers 24-hour support. An additional service that will serve to improve your reputation on the market.

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Challenge #3: Budget savings

In addition, from a budget perspective, UCC solutions can greatly benefit your company. To be mentioned first of all is the cloud option. If you invest in web-based UCC, you can access all your required services in the cloud — and save initial investments in hardware and software at the same time. Moreover, you only pay for what you use.

Furthermore, UCC consolidates all internal and external communication into an integrated solution. This means: you save both costs as well as support for a wide range of individual tools and equipment. Even traveling costs can be reduced, since personal communication with regard to meetings with international customers and colleagues can be replaced by video conferences.

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Challenge #4: Improving customer experiences

For modern markets, customer satisfaction is probably the greatest challenge faced by companies. UCC can greatly improve the customer experience. This is because useful tools, e.g., intelligent routing, ensure that customers are transferred immediately and directly at the first attempt to the right experts to answer their questions. A survey commissioned by Cisco shows that companies actually improved the customer experience through UCC solutions. Almost 80% of those surveyed said that the possibility to forward product enquiries from customers to support staff in real-time made their work far easier.

Challenge #5: Optimizing agent management cost-effectively

In conclusion, it can be said: UCC makes it far easier for the IT unit and administration to manage the communication network within a company. In this way, valuable IT resources can be used for other business purposes and companies can retain complete control over their network.

If you as a company use cloud solutions, the number of IT resources can also be reduced locally, which you would otherwise have to maintain. The flexibility of a cloud-based UCC solution also offers you the option of fast upscaling — if you wish to integrate new agents during peak periods. High investment in additional hardware is therefore unnecessary.

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