Improve customer service: Using call back as opposed to queuing

Rückruf statt Warteschleife im Call Center

The purpose of a call queue is simple: Keep the caller waiting on hold until an agent is available to take the call. This may work well in companies with a manageable number of calls per day. But, what happens if the number of calls increases astronomically and customers are kept waiting in a queue for what seems like ages? You guessed it: Staff stress levels increase distinctly and customers lose their patience. Instead of putting callers “on hold”, offer your customers a call back option! We explain the advantages of this service in this blog article.
If you manage your calls with the aid of a queue, that’s fine. However, you need to keep an eye on your customers and follow a concept that focuses on optimal staff utilization, using a clever call center solution and improving call forwarding procedures. Read our Tips on optimizing your call queues in 4 steps!

Waiting 1 minute in a queue is too long

What you can also do: Ask customers if you can call back! Once an agent is free, he can call the customer back with more time to deal with their concerns. A win-win situation that saves money and your nerves. But, above all, time because, as a study conducted by Google showed, nearly 27% of those surveyed already considered waiting 1 minute in a queue as too long, 33.5% requested immediate assistance on the phone and 30% of those surveyed tolerated a waiting time of 1 to 5 minutes. If your customers have to wait longer than 5 minutes, there is a greater risk of them becoming annoyed, hanging up and you losing a (potential) customer. Ultimately, there is always one thing that suffers: customer satisfaction. And, if this is allowed to continue, it can cause long-term damage to your reputation. For this reason: Use the call back option and make your customers happy, because by using this service you will be moving with the times and stand out from the competition!

Glückliche Kunden durch Rückruf statt Warteschleife

More relaxed staff and happier customers

If you offer a call back option, you help both your staff and customers alike. And this is where you strike a chord, because customers increasingly prefer a call back than having to wait in a queue. Why? The advantages are clear:

Call back option: 5 advantages for your staff

  • No caller peaks: Staff have an optimal workload and are not overworked, because they use their working time effectively and call back when they have more time — with the necessary concentration to deal with each individual case.
  • No disconnect rate: Customers that agree to a call back are not lost. On the contrary, they are retained!
  • Better advice: While customers are waiting for a call back, staff can gather the relevant information to subsequently deal with the customer’s concerns more quickly and efficiently. As a result, staff are perceived as being competent advisers.
  • Lower costs: If you offer a free hotline, you pay for every minute each individual customer is waiting in the queue. It is only logical that you should use the call back option, because a call back is much cheaper than a queue — in particular when there is a high number of callers!
  • Motivated staff: Customers who choose the call back option are more relaxed and do not have to annoy themselves about the time wasted waiting in a queue. Ultimately, your staff deal with callers who are more relaxed, which benefits staff motivation.

Call back option: 5 advantages for your customers

  • Short waiting times: In a call queue, your customers “waste” their time. While they are waiting for a call back, they can make good use of the time.
  • Lower costs: With a call back, customers do not pay any call charges. This makes callers happy and you score points!
  • Efficient problem solving: A call back ensures that a customer’s concerns can be resolved by an agent who is best familiar with the problem. Your customers feel they have received good advice.
  • Customer appreciation: In complicated cases, in particular, the agent concerned has time to prepare for addressing the customer’s concerns so that the customer feels that he is being taken seriously and is in good hands.
  • Less stress: Customers do not become annoyed when waiting in a queue, but take the subsequent call more relaxed.

Successful customer loyalty management

A call back option gives you a decisive service advantage and a valuable opportunity to increase the quality of the advice you provide to customers noticeably. By not keeping callers waiting unnecessarily in a queue and wasting their valuable time, you show your appreciation and take a genuine interest in their concerns. This will be appreciated by your callers, which will help turn potential customers into new customers and (new) customers into regular customers. Staff will also show their appreciation as they will have sufficient time to provide each customer with professional advice and resolve problems. If your staff are simultaneously able to cross and upsell, i.e., draw attention to further products of your company during a call, this can contribute to boosting sales. We therefore recommend: Optimize your call management for 3 reasons — for the benefit of your staff, your customers and your company’s future!

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