How web-based UCC solutions can greatly benefit small and medium-sized businesses

Webbasierte UCC-Lösung für KMU

For small businesses, web-based UCC solutions — i.e., solutions for Unified Communications and Collaboration — all have one thing in common: they are flexible, scalable and convenient. This is because they unify the advantages of collaboration and communication, without businesses having to invest in expensive software installations. Read about the additional advantages these solutions offer and how small and medium-sized businesses can ensure optimal quality for their customer dialog in this blog article.

Web-based UCC services generally allow businesses of any size and form to use precisely the UCC features they need — from all standard telephone functions via instant messaging through to screen sharing and video calls. The advantage of these web-based UCC solutions is that every business has unrestricted access to the services they need.

Let us take a closer look at the advantages web-based UCC solutions can offer small businesses in particular.

Advantage #1: Web-based UCC solutions are cost-efficient

Although a business needs the right tools to be successful, the budget is an important criterion and deserves special attention. To keep costs low, small businesses in particular have to keep a close eye on their budgets in order for them to maintain their position in the market. On the other hand, there is the real world where customers keep a look out for their favorite brands. Those businesses that can offer the best customer dialog and services will have the edge.

Web-based UCC solutions that are offered, e.g., as communication as a service (UCaaS) from the cloud shift the costs for their business communications from capital expenditure to a model orientated on ongoing operating costs. In other words: Instead of making large investments and trusting in the fact that UCC will pay for itself after some time, users only pay for what they use in day-to-day business at a chosen time. Through UCaaS, businesses can add random functions and then deactivate them again — depending on the features required.

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Advantage #2: Web-based UCC solutions are easy to install

The fact that web-based UCC solutions are easy to install is a further significant advantage. You no longer have to worry about complex hard and software on your employees’ desks or computers. IT experts are rarely needed to help with setting up. All you need are a web browser and your login details. Because, as the name suggests, the entire solution for communication and collaboration takes place on the web.

A further advantage of the web solution is its maintenance. Maintenance takes place centrally on the appropriate web server and takes only a few seconds and is then ready to use again. This greatly reduces the maintenance time required for your communications infrastructure.

Advantage #3: Fast scalability

In addition, web-based UCC solutions are interesting because they can be adapted to meet the needs and expectations of almost all small businesses. For example, organizations can start with just a handful of features and integrate further resources as they expand. This also means that investments pay for themselves as soon as demand increases.

Advantage #4: Global access

Last but not least, the use of web-based UCC means that your employees are no longer bound to an office desk. They can follow the trend of more and more employees that work for you externally (e.g., freelance or from home). Because through web-based UCC, you can enable every team member to work according to a set schedule — irrespective of the current location. Small and medium-sized businesses in particular can profit here by saving on high office costs. The demand for web-based UCC solutions is increasing on a global scale, since these solutions ensure that every team member has the same high-quality tools for customer dialog and internal collaboration — without high investment in hard and software.

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