How to optimise your call queues in 4 steps

Warteschleife optimieren

Complicated caller menus, long waiting times, incorrect forwarding — call centres have a bad reputation, and this at the expense of customer satisfaction. The biggest frustration? Being left on hold! And, for this reason, customers today do not like phoning call centres, because they are afraid of having to wait for hours on hold due to staff being unable to answer their questions. This image makes life difficult for call centres, as a missed call is a missed opportunity to reach potential customers.

Focus on a positive customer experience and offer your callers a satisfactory service. We can show you the best way to deal with an unexpected number of calls and reduce missed calls.

Step 1: Assign staff correctly

As a small company, you should also be able to handle calls during peak times in the same way as you would with additional staff. The solution lies in the correct strategy and staff assignment planning. Start at this point and scrutinise your previous call centre strategy: Initially determine the average number and duration of incoming calls. Note that seasonal peaks, product publications and updates can lead to an increased number of calls. Subsequently, consider ways of how to best assign your staff to also deal with peak times more effectively.


Step 2: Use intelligent call queues

Once you have reorganised your staff schedule, you must configure your call queues to avoid missing calls and losing callers. A call centre solution with an intelligent call queue concept will help and should also include pleasant music while customers are waiting to be connected. In addition, a caller should be connected to a member of staff who is best able to deal with the customer's concerns. A speech dialogue system (Interactive Voice Response, IVR) ensures that a customer is not passed from one member of staff to another, but speaks to the right person — quickly and simply.

Step 3: Note availability of staff

In order to forward a call successfully, you must know which member of staff is currently available. A web-based call centre solution such as talkbase shows at a glance whether a member of staff is busy or free. In a matter of seconds, you can forward calls to the correct agent and avoid unnecessary waiting times or incorrect forwarding. Not only can calls be forwarded to an agent’s telephone, but also to apps such as VoIP-Client Skype for Business. By forwarding calls using this type of system, which staff prefer to use, you also contribute to their satisfaction and support flexibility within your company.

Step 4: Integrate UCC

You are now in a position to forward calls quickly to the right and available member of staff. As a final step, you must optimise communication between your staff, because only if your employees can exchange information easily, is it possible to defuse stressful situations and avoid misunderstandings. The key to success is called Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC). With UCC tools, your staff will not only interact with your customers but also with each other in a team. The advantage: via Instant Messaging, staff support each other, clarify questions and remove customers more quickly from the call queue. A win-win situation, which make both staff and customers happy!


Call centre: From customer nightmare to customer success

Customer satisfaction starts on the telephone, which means that you must ensure that your customers have a positive experience with your company right from the start. In this respect, some very important steps are necessary: Organise your team members, adapt your call queue strategy, keep an eye on the availability of your employees and ensure smooth communication between your customers and staff. The solution does not lie in a cost-intensive expansion of the workforce, but in a well-conceived concept. Remember: even as a small company with limited resources, you can exploit the possibilities and stand out from the competition with successful call management!

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