Things You Can Do to Improve Your Automated Call Distribution

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Automated Call Distribution is basically a portfolio of call management features that work seamlessly alongside each other to deliver inbound calls to a call center agent best equipped to deal with the call. When you consider the expense that goes into operating a contact center, particularly in a competitive marketplace, it's easier to recognize the importance of improving your automated call distribution services as much as possible.

At talkbase, we focus on the various factors that need to be assessed during a call center experience, to ensure call distribution is done well. That means thinking about overflow situations and targets, the call assignment process, the availability of operators, and the composition of operator groups. We also concentrate on issues such as priority, and opening hours, too!

Scanning the console for opening hours and other essential criteria before routing and directing calls according to a pre-defined assignment methodology means that call centers become more efficient, and customers can be more satisfied. With that in mind, we'll delve a little further into some of the things you can do to improve automated call distribution.

1. Percentage Based Call Routing (Overflow Situations)

Now that many large organizations are operating contact centers through multiple locations, and even in various countries, it's important to make sure that each agent in your workforce receives a volume of calls that they're equipped to handle. Percentage-based routing and solutions to deal with overflow situations where calls are organized according to importance, can help you to make sure that you deal with the most vital communications first - limiting loss in the form of ended calls and angry customers.
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2. Announcement Messages and Operator Availability

No matter how well-staffed your company is, it's fair to say that you won't be able to answer every call instantly. In the event of a known issue, a service outage, or simply an influx of too many calls at once, it's important to let your customers know what's happening. Automatically routing calls through to an announcement message that acknowledges the issue and asks a customer either to hold, or call back at a later time, can reduce your chances of dealing with frustrated clients, and ensure that your agents are only dealing with the most important calls.

3. Call Assignment - Sending Callers to People with the Right Skills

Assigning your call center agents into different groups, and making sure that you have automatic distribution solutions in place that allow for the right calls to be sent to the right people at the best possible times, can help to ensure that customers are more satisfied with the experience that you deliver. It also means that calls can be distributed more efficiently between experts.

4. Priority Call Queuing

During peak times, it's not uncommon for call centers to consider using call queuing systems to help them manage a backlog of calls. At times like this, it's very important to manage these calls as effectively as possible by prioritizing specific types of calls. For instance, most call centers would prefer to have an existing customer holding for slightly longer than a potential new customer. The reason for this is that new customers are more likely to hang up than existing customers.

5. Interactive Voice Responses and Personalized Services

IVR menus are a great way for you to automatically distribute calls for a contact center, as the caller will be able to select options that are most appropriate to their needs. For instance, a message of "press one if you want to order a new product" could automatically filter new sales calls and send them to the right department. Additionally, integrating your services with IVR and CRM solutions will help you to identify callers and deliver a more personalized service which keeps your customers coming back for more.


Automating call distribution solutions for your call center can be a great way to simplify and improve the way that your communication business works. However, it's important to stay on top of the skills and solutions that you use if you want to keep customers happy. At talkbase, we know exactly how to tailor your automated call solution to ensure the most efficient and effective distribution of calls.

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