3 reasons why UCC considerably increases efficiency in a call center

UCC für mehr Effizienz im Call Center

Demands in a call center are high, because the focus is always on the customers and their questions and needs. In order for agents to deal with callers more efficiently, they need to be interconnected internally in an optimal way, because lean processes and low costs can only be achieved with an intelligent UCC connectivity strategy and by close collaboration across the team. The quality of work and, in turn, customer satisfaction increases at the same time. And this is the ultimate goal of every call center! Find out how you can use the advantages of UCC and achieve your corporate objectives in this blog article.

That satisfied customers will flatter the reputation of a company goes without saying. However, the road to customer satisfaction is often long and hard. And yet, small steps in the right direction can often start the ball rolling. If you want to get more out of your call center strategy, you need a solid basis. Give your call center agents the solid technical foundation they need to handle calls more effectively, exchange information directly and access relevant information more quickly. This saves time and money across the board.

1. Working in a team means more productivity

One of the biggest advantages of Unified Communications and Collaboration is that it combines the different aspects of a multi-channel strategy in a single system. This means that a call center agent does not have to work with several programs when dealing with customers on the phone, by e-mail or Instant Messenger. A UCC strategy simplifies processes and brings customers even closer to operators, because all important information needed for dealing with customer enquiries is only a few clicks away. Moreover, all agents are interconnected and can quickly exchange information, for example, per chat. In this way, customer concerns can be dealt with more quickly and effectively.

Teamwork im Call Center

2. Share knowledge and profit from one another

Call centers are often confronted with the problem of high fluctuation. When employees leave a company, their specialized knowledge often goes with them unless it is previously documented or passed on. In addition, there is not always sufficient time to fully train new call center agents. With the aid of UCC, new and existing operators can access this valuable information at any time — not only customer data in CRM, but also company and process-related topics such as guidelines, training documents and intranet. If staff are also informed or know where to find the important information they need — this builds a strong team spirit.

3. Bring customer advisors and experts together

Sometimes, call center staff require the help of internal or external professionals. UCC ensures that agents can contact experts and clarify questions more quickly. Contacting the accounts department, technical field service staff or account manager directly, for example, avoids unnecessary e-mails, telephone calls and waiting times. This enables them to deal with their cases quickly.

UCC — the key to more success

A clever UCC strategy will help you to organize your staff effectively, convey knowledge, make information accessible, and ensure the exchange of information. This will improve your workflow, which your customers will also notice. When teams are able to work more quickly and efficiently and communicate with each other, this also reduces the potential for conflict. Efficiency and productivity are maximized when specialists from other company divisions or even external experts can be taken on board. This type of collaboration can help to motivate staff, make them more competent customer advisors and enjoy working for their company over the long term. UCC also effectively tackles the problem of frequent staff turnover.

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